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Details for National Lifeguard

Competition Pool Canada Games Centre26 Thomas Raddall DriveHalifax, NS, B3S0E2(902)490-2400

$265.00 $265.00 $285.00 $285.00

National Lifeguard training builds on the fundamental skills, knowledge, and values taught in the lifesaving awards of the Society to develop the practical skills and knowledge required by lifeguards. Recognized as the standard measurement of lifeguard performance in Canada, National Lifeguard education is designed to develop a sound understanding of lifeguarding principles, good judgment, and a mature and responsible attitude towards the role of the lifeguard. The National Lifeguardís primary role is the prevention of emergency situations and where this fails, the timely and effective resolution of emergencies.
Prerequisite: Minimum 16 years of age. Bronze Cross certification (need not be current).


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